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Use your IATA when booking on C Teleport

With C Teleport, you can just plug-in your IATA to book, cancel and change your flights with just a few clicks. This means you still have access to what your IATA offers, but the flight management processes are simplified through C Teleport. Now you can book flights safe, fast and easy!

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Working with in-house travel agents

Some crewing agencies and shipowners have their own in-house travel agents with their own IATA license. Receiving an IATA license is a difficult and bureaucratic process. Maintaining it is costly and not easy. Still, having your own license may seem the better option at times, opposed to not having one. With your own license, you have direct access to the airlines to negotiate fares. You can also get incentives from the airlines, which can result in additional cash flow. But if you use GDS to book, change and cancel flights, you need to be skilled. It requires a lot of knowledge, which requires a lot of training.

Plug-in with your IATA

With C Teleport, you can just plug in your IATA to book, cancel and change your flights with just a few clicks. This means you still have access to what your IATA offers, but the flight’s management processes are simplified through C Teleport. This way you still get incentives from the airlines, you can negotiate with your carriers. You don’t have to be a professor or a rocket scientist and remember all the commands to use GDS. Also, with C Teleport you cannot make the same mistakes anymore, which result in penalties from the airlines. We automated GDS processes to eliminate room for human error.

Multi-IATA search for every query

Our users don’t even notice it, but every query they submit searching for flights automatically checks the content of multiple IATA’s. That is something unheard of. C Teleport is the first company in the world that can combine IATA’s in one go, for every search of any of our current 400+ users, at the same time automatically. Ans the results show within 1 minute!

If you plug in with your own IATA, you can choose to use our IATA’s as well and compare prices. This way, you get the best of both worlds and run your own multi-IATA search. As an IATA holds local market prices, it is interesting to compare these with other markets from around the world. This definitely works when your seafarers are flying from anywhere to everywhere.

Optimize the usage of your IATA

To make it even better, it is also possible to open up the usage of your IATA license to other users of our platform. If you choose to do so, your flights will be shown in between the search results of users you do not even know. This increases the chance that more flights will be booked through your license, which makes it more profitable. That enables you to negotiate better fares with the airlines and it helps you to comply with the standards IATA demands and get more incentives from airlines.


Happy bookings 🙂



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