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Marine return flights for technical staff, superintendents and engineers

Thanks to our new update, you can now also book and manage return flights for superintendents, engineers and technical staff travelling on marine fares.

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In the challenging marine and offshore industries, it is not only seafarers who need to travel where duty calls. Flexible marine flights are also required for the needs of superintendents and engineers heading to stationed vessels or offshore site inspections. Also, airlines allow marine fares for technical staff traveling in connection with work on a commercial vessel (for more details on this, make sure to read our enlightening blog post: Are you qualified to travel with marine fares?). 

In such cases, travelers can still benefit from the flexibility and competitive prices of marine fares, but also they need to arrange for their return flights in one go. With that in mind, we updated our platform with yet another useful feature. 


Are you booking flights for superintendents and engineers traveling on marine fares?

Then we got great news for you! Our new feature is designed to facilitate the job of travel managers arranging flights for superintendents, engineers and technical staff traveling to vessels.

If you already have an account with C Teleport, you can log in to our platform and go to Office staff flights. Make sure you click on the “Also show Marine flights” check-box. This will allow both marine and public fares to show in search results. Perform your search, just as you would do for crew changes, and select the best option for your travelers’ needs.

Thanks to our new feature you can also associate your booking to a specific vessel. This will come in especially useful when you receive the flight invoice. 


Do you know superintendents, engineers and technical staff booking their own flights?

At the same time, we are also working on a brand new app designed for travelers booking their own flights. If you are interested to arrange access for superintendents or technical staff booking their own flights, fill in the form below so we can get in touch with you and create new accounts for them. 

Using our new app, travelers will be able to search through a wide range of both marine and public fares. Once they find the best flights, they will be able to quickly book departure and return flights in one go. What’s more, our new app allows them to easily manage changes and cancellations without all the hassle of emailing or calling a travel agent or back-office.

Yes, this is as interesting as it sounds. 


Happy bookings 🙂

Marketing Manager

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