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Where to Find COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Updates

To help you find the right information about travelling during COVID-19, we have gathered resources where you can find official travel restrictions updates and a few tips.

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At C Teleport, we understand that your crew’s safety is always important, especially in times like this. Getting your crew back home or on board of a vessel is more complicated when regulations change almost every day.

To help you find the right information about travelling during COVID-19, we have gathered resources where you can find official travel restrictions updates and a few tips.

Where to find travel restrictions updates


IATA Travel Centre

One of our trusted sources of information during the pandemic has been IATA Travel Centre. IATA (International Air Transport Association) Travel Centre provides essential information such as personalised passport, visa and health advice related to specific destinations chosen by the user.  

It is the most accurate resource available, IATA Travel Centre gathers information from a large database used by airlines, and 1600 official sources worldwide such as immigration and police authorities.

IATA Travel Centre offers:

Border restrictions information

Find all the border restrictions and requirements per country in the COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map. IATA does its best to update this information every day, pay attention to the dates of publication and other warnings around the website to make sure that you’re getting accurate and timely travel restrictions updates.

IATA Travel Regulations Map is a reliable source for travel restrictions updates

Passport, Visa & Health specifications

Check the visa and health requirements to enter a specific country in the Passport, Visa & Health section. You will be able to enter the information of the passenger like passport country of issue, transit, destination and more. 

IATA's Passport, visa & health section provides you with travel restrictions updates by destination

Traveler Safety

You can also follow IATA to get more insights and tips about how to travel safely during these times. Follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Government Official Information

We recommend you to double-check IATA’s information with the country’s embassy or foreign affairs websites, they will be able to provide the most accurate and recent travel restrictions updates.

Some countries have created a special website with passenger locator and protocol for arrivals. We listed a few of them for you: 

The Netherlands

Entering to the Netherlands requires a Traveler Public Health Declaration to all passengers above 13 years old. The airline you are travelling with will provide the form or you can print it in English or Dutch and fill it before your trip. The health screening form may be checked at the entrance of the airport, inside the building and even during check-in and before boarding. 

Stay up to date on Dutch Government’s official website.


Looking to keep everyone safe, the Greek government implemented the Passenger Locator Form (PLF). Passengers should fill the PLF until the day before entering the country. Find all the information you need and stay up to date on the Protocol for Arrivals in Greece website. 

United Kingdom

To enter the UK you need to fill the Public Health Passenger Locator Form, you cannot submit it until 48 hours before you arrive in the UK. Find all the travel restrictions updates on the UK Government’s official website.


Belgium also has a Public Health Passenger Locator Form, if you’re travelling through Belgium, you can submit the form until 48 hours before your arrival. Stay up to date on Belgian Government’s official website.

United Arab Emirates – Dubai

Visitors are required to fill a Health Declaration Form and a Quarantine Form before flying to Dubai. Visitors are also required to register on the COVID-19 DBX App. For more travel information visit Dubai Government’s official website. 


Norway is not requesting a health declaration at the moment (August 19th, 2020) however quarantine for 10 days is required depending on the country you’re coming from. Stay up to date and find all the relevant information on Norway’s foreign affairs official website.

Airport & Airline Updates

On top of checking specific border restrictions, we highly recommend you to check airport and airline updates, as they will be able to inform you about flights and specific airport restrictions. 

For Airport status information you can visit ICAO’s (International Civil Aviation Organization) Global COVID-19 Airport Status, to get a glimpse on the airport restrictions of each country.

You can also go directly to the website of the airport where your crew change will happen. Here is a list of popular airports but you can also make a Google search for the airport you need. For example search for “Mumbai International Airport website”.

COVID-19 by the World Health Organization

Stay up to date with official health recommendations and COVID-19 cases on the WHO’s website.

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