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Budget control for marine travel management

Within marine travel, there is a lot of money spent on flight tickets and other seaman travel arrangements. And we can tell there are a lot of crewing agencies struggling to gain better control of their travel expenses. Therefore we understand that comparing flight ticket prices would be an obvious way to get some insights with comparing different travel agencies. But there’s so much more to control your costs when it comes to marine travel management.

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Still, it is obvious for crewing agencies comparing prices, because traditional marine travel agencies do not offer certain services to give you a better budget control. So where else would you start? There seems to be no alternative.


Use analytics tools for budget control

C Teleport is the only online and fully automated marine travel agency in the world. Knowing the pain of the lack of budget control tools, we decided to create some great tools for our customer use. You can use our real-time analytics tools to monitor all aspects of your flights, including prices and booking patterns. This way we give you insights on how to cut costs and prevent overspending.


Check your booking history and see the number of flights booked with a price average. Look up your overpriced tickets, booked last minute due to poor planning and determine which tickets could have been booked at a cheaper rate if planned in advance. Or set a limit to the total price of your flights or to the price per mile to control your costs. We can also upgrade with implementing the approval procedure. This way you can define roles, allowing certain users to have the right to approve more expensive flights than others.


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